Why Synthetic Oil?




Most European vehicles contain high-performance engines which produce a lot of heat. The heat is caused by friction from pistons in the engine moving constantly at a fast pace. To help reduce the amount of friction, we add synthetic oil to the engine to work as a lubrication.

There is a lot of debate regarding regular oil (mineral oil) & synthetic oil (man-made). As European auto owners, we sigh at the fact that we often need to pay twice as much in oil as other vehicles. Mechanics tell you that you need synthetic oil, but do not necessarily give you reasons why. What are you really getting for your money? Is synthetic oil really better than regular mineral oil?

Our answer is, YES! And here’s why.

  1. Viscosity

    Synthetic oil has a higher resistance to viscosity breakdown. It also improves your engines performance in colder temperatures. Think of it like the difference between olive oil and honey. In colder temperatures, the honey is harder to move than the oil. Since mineral oil is thicker it can cause your engine to work harder in colder temperatures. Your engine needs the correct type of viscosity in order to maintain it’s high-performance.

  2. Uniformity

    Synthetic oils have uniform-sized molecules. This creates less friction than mineral oil which contain molecules that are inconsistent in size. Years ago, mechanics recommended to use regular oil in the beginning because it can help smooth the interior of the engine due to the irregular molecules. However, engines are a lot more advanced now and contain less imperfections. Your vehicle needs the least amount of friction possible since high-performance engines tend to create more heat from friction.

  3. Protection

    Since synthetic oils contain less contaminants, the oil stays cleaner longer and has been known to reduce engine wear. This helps protect the longevity of your vehicle and prevent engine sludge from developing.

  4. Eco-friendly

    We drill into the earth to find mineral oil through a process called, hydraulic fracturing. This process releases harmful gases into the environment and depletes the earth of it’s resources. Since synthetic oil is man-made, it eliminates the process of hydraulic fracturing and reduces the amount of pollution during development. Synthetic oil also requires less changing to help reduce the amount of oil being produced


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Written by Spotlight Automotive