What Is Good Customer Service?

With everything going to automated systems, it seems like good customer service is hard to come by. You can now walk into a store and not even make eye contact with any employees. Retail stores are adding more self checkouts and auto shops are adding self check-in stands. Maybe we were raised differently, but at Spotlight Automotive enjoy talking to new customers and meeting new people. While making things convenient for the customer is a great thing to do, sometimes customers need more than just convenience.

Other than convenience, what are other ways businesses should provide customer service? Here are the 5 rules of customer service we live by at Spotlight Automotive.

1. Remembering Customers

It can be a very lonely world for people sometimes and remembering the little things about a person can mean a lot. With each person that comes in to Spotlight Automotive, we try and remember you and your car. That doesn’t mean we go snooping through your glove box or remember the coat you’re wearing, we actually take the time to talk to you and get to know you. We enjoy getting to know our customers and understand your concerns and how we can help you.

2. Guidance & Direction

People come to us for advice on fixing cars, which is something we love talking about. But we also love helping people when it comes to other things like, your next car purchase, or how to install a car seat for a baby. We try and take that next step in helping people out where we can. There are a lot of things that can be confusing, especially with cars, so we try and use our expertise wherever we can.

3. Work Till It’s Right

We have all heard it before. What keeps people coming back is how well they were treated previously. We get that our customers won’t be able to afford fixing everything on the car4 at one time, that can get expensive. So we try and work with you to make sure that the most important things are taken care of first. Then we figure out the best solution for you on the other repairs that are needed. If you need more time and money before further repairs, we understand and are willing to work with you until the job is complete. We want to make sure every time you leave our shop that you feel happy.

Working until it’s right also means admitting our mistakes. A car is a complicated thing and one symptom could mean a multitude of problems. While we do a pretty good job fixing the problem the first time, there are very few situations where the symptoms may still be there after repairs. We stand behind our high-quality products, but sometimes they can fail us just like your smartphone, computer, or anything else. If this is the case, we are not afraid of apologizing for the problem and making sure that the problem is resolved.

4. Telling the Truth

A lot of auto repair shops will try and squeeze every little penny out of you. Actually, most businesses will try and squeeze every penny out of you. At Spotlight Automotive, we tell it like it is. If you come in for an inspection and we find nothing wrong with it, we won’t make something up. If we can’t guarantee that your car won’t be done in a day, we tell you up front so you’re not stranded without a car. Lying and false promises are no way to run a business. We want our shop to be a place that people can trust, even if we are not their go-to repair shop.

5. Transparency

We are human too and we like to prove it. You can visit our about page to learn about the people are Spotlight Automotive, or visit our Facebook page to get a sense of our personality. Stop by our shop sometime and see first-hand how we are different than other auto repair shops. Transparency is what keeps our work environment positive. At Spotlight Automotive we want our staff and customers to feel comfortable in our shop.

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Written by Spotlight Automotive