Top 5 Reasons You Should Learn To Drive A Stick Shift

Not to be morbid or anything, but the manual transmission seems to be dying a very slow death. The inconvenience for the majority of drivers seems to be growing, and the advantages are starting to get smaller. However, those of us who are able to drive a manual transmission recognize all of the advantages that come with the ability to drive a stick shift.

Top 5 Reason You Should Learn to Drive a Stick Shift:

Driving a Manual Transmission Stick Shift

1. Build your driving skills

In general, we should all be improving ourselves. We take up pottery, we take dance classes, we learn foreign languages, but we hesitate to pick up a new driving language. Think about how cool it will be when you become part of a diminishing team of the most highly skilled drivers. Just like knowing Spanish, French, or sign language, you’d be able to communicate in code with a small group of elite drivers. Plus, it looks cool.

2. Reduce car borrowing

When you own a car, there’s always going to be someone who needs (wants) to borrow it. You may not want to say yes, but you also don’t feel like being rude, or having to explain why not. Owning a stick shift clears it up real quick. It’s out of your hands because you own a complex driving machine that takes special skills to handle. That may be an exaggeration, but for all intents and purposes it might feel that way when anyone starts learning.

3. Remove the texting and driving temptation

In all seriousness, going back to manual transmission cars would cut out on a lot of these accidents from texting and driving. When you drive a stick shift, all you can do is concentrate on “driving.” For that matter, a manual transmission will cut out eating and driving, reading and driving, smoking and driving, and any number of distractions that drivers love. And if you’re one of these dangerous drivers, you definitely should learn to drive a stick shift.

4. Keep car theives away

You can imagine a car thief’s biggest concern is about getting away quickly. When they break into a car and hop into the front seat, first thing they notice is a different-looking gear shift. And then they notice an extra pedal for the clutch. None of this seems like it’s going to help them get away fast. So it’s best they get away fast, on foot.

5. Be prepared for emergencies

There are a million different scenarios you could find yourself in where the skill of driving a stick shift would come in handy. What if there’s a Tsunami or a Sharknado headed straight for Chicago, and the only car that’s left to get you out of town is a manual transmission? No one has time to teach you to drive a stick shift at that time, because they’re busy fleeing for their lives behind the wheel of their own stick shifts. Learning to drive a manual transmission can save your life. Plus, you’ll look cool.

Written by Spotlight Automotive