The Correct Way to Paint a Car.

Overtime, your car will acquire scratches. Unfortunately, it’s the name of the game when you own or lease a vehicle in Chicago. Street parking, road debris, vandalism, and natural causes can all be culprits that cause those unwanted scratches. It seems the harder you try to avoid them, the more that show up.

At Spotlight Automotive, we not only specialize in European auto service but auto body & paint as well. We want heads to turn when you drive down the road, so we are very meticulous when it comes to paint and body repairs.

Like most auto body shops, we make sure to mark off the section that needs to be sanded & painted.

To make sure we evenly coat the areas of the car without missing any spots, we make sure to use a spray room that is fully lit (and fully ventilated) to eliminate shadows. This creates full visibility on all the nooks and crannies on a car.

Once the paint has fully dried, we wet sand with a low grade sandpaper to smooth down any drips or bumps that may have occurred during the painting process. Repeating this process of painting and sanding is what causes that nice sheen look that most brand new cars have.

Once we have produced a nice smooth, freshly sanded, and painted surface, it is time to perform the tedious process of buffing.

There is where we see a lot of common mistakes among other body shops who want to hurry the process. Buffing a car takes time and rushing the process will create an inconsistent shine on your car.


The polish that is applied to the car is actually melted into the paint through friction from the buffer pad. Melting the polish is what creates a strong bond and even protection on your newly painted car.

This is why the buffing process takes a long time because you need to wait long enough for the polish to melt into the paint before moving on to the next section.

We use extremely high quality materials you can’t find at your local auto parts store along with a high speed electric buffer to make your car shine like it’s on the showroom floor. This is a valuable Chicago car service that will keep your car looking like new.

If you have any questions or concerns about your vehicle, feel free to give us a call. specializes in European auto repairs and maintenance. We strive to keep our service cost 40% less than dealerships. Schedule an appointment for your Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes, Mini Cooper, or Volkswagen with us.

Written by Spotlight Automotive