Paintless Dent Repairs: Find A Good Repair Shop


Chicago is rough on our cars with construction, street parking, random street debris, and hail as common problems drivers have to deal with in the second city. No matter how much we try and protect our car, it still manages to get bumped, dented, or scratched.

Now that the fall season is upon us and the days are getting colder, that also means we have a greater chance of having hail. Hail damage can leave your car looking like an unsightly golf ball. With several dents all over your car caused by hail, it can be an all around bad experience from getting an insurance claim to finding the right repair shop. Even though, hail damage can be hard to avoid, here are a few tips to help you avoid a bad repair shop.


About Paintless Dent Repair

Replacing a car panel and then having it painted to match the color of the car can be too costly for most people. Paintless dent repair can help you avoid all those additional costs. This type of service is a way of taking the original car panel that has the damage and shaping it back to the original state. Keep in mind that this service only applies to metal or aluminum panels and not for cars with plastic panels.

You can see from the image below that there are many different type of rods, hooks, pins, and clamps that are used to fix dents. It is a very time consuming and tedious service to provide. If your auto repair shop is not experienced in paintless dent repair, it can cause your original dent to look worse than before you brought it in for fixing. Here are 3 tips to help you avoid a paintless dent repair scam.


Years of Experience

Ask the auto shop owner how many years of experience they have been providing paintless dent repair services. This service is not something you can learn right away. It can take years to understand how to work with metal and reshape it back into it’s original state; especially with cars that have aluminum panels. It’s similar to smoothing out the dents in a dented pop can. Only skilled and experienced people can make it look good.


See Examples

Many auto shops will say they have a lot of experience in paintless dent repair. Whether you trust their word or not, we recommend asking to see some previous or current work. Seeing is believing nowadays and it can help put your mind at ease when paying for this service. Common signs to watch out for are smaller bumps where the dent originally was and paint chipped or cracked where the service was performed.

Bad Dent Repair

Bad Dent Repair

Dent Repair Reviews

These days, if someone does a bad job or provides poor service, people will let you know. Start looking online for what people are saying about the company. There are many options out there to find customer compliments or complaints; Google reviews, Yelp, Angie’s list, Facebook reviews, etc. If the auto shop tends to have poor reviews online, then we recommend looking for another shop with better reviews.

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Written by Spotlight Automotive