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Because high-end, foreign vehicles are engineered around performance, proper tire maintenance is especially important. Ensure you are reaping the full benefits of driving a high-performance vehicle by visiting us for BMW, Mercedes, or Lexus repair. Chicago drivers know that tire services are especially vital due to the harsh conditions our tires are exposed to every day. Potholes, speed bumps, and extreme weather all take a toll on our vehicle’s suspension—especially the tires.

Maintenance Services

The best way to ensure your car will continue to perform as designed is to schedule regular tire maintenance services. At Spotlight Automotive Services, our highly skilled staff will help you understand the basics of proper tire maintenance, including how often you should schedule tire rotation, balancing, and alignment. We can also help you understand the sidewall markings on your tires, educating you about when it’s the best time to purchase new tires, and provide pointers on how to choose the right tires for your vehicle.

Premature tire wear is a result of improper tire inflation and lack of tire rotation. When tires are underinflated, they will experience flexible sidewalls, leading to excessive sidewall wear. Conversely, overinflated tires will show excessive center tread wear – which makes handling more difficult—especially on slick pavement. When tires are not rotated regularly, it can lead to excessive wear on one tire more than another, which may necessitate replacing your tires sooner than you should have to. Additionally, uneven wear can lead to alignment issues.

Even if you are here for an Acura, Land Rover, or Lexus repair in Chicago—totally unrelated to your vehicle’s tires—you can request a tire inspection. Our knowledgeable staff can determine whether tire balancing or rotation services might be beneficial to improve the performance of your car. They will also recommend new tires if your old ones have seen better days and are no longer keeping you safe on the road.

New Tire Installation

Because every car is different, and high-performance models are often designed with unique specifications, our experienced technicians will be sure to take the vehicle’s performance needs into consideration when recommending new tires. Additionally, our service staff will always take special care to follow the manufacturer’s recommended inflation standards during a new tire installation, as this will lead to proper traction, reduced tread movement, reduced rolling resistance, increased water dissipation, and improved load carrying capabilities.

At Spotlight Automotive Service, we are dedicated foreign car repair specialists serving the Chicagoland area. When you are looking for new tires, or are simply in need of Porsche, Volkswagen, or Lexus repair in Chicago, give our friendly staff a call to book your appointment—you won’t be disappointed.