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The High-Voltage Battery

The voltage output of your hybrid battery is dependent on the vehicle, but every hybrid battery is equipped with a deadly voltage that must be treated with respect. A shock from one of these batteries can kill you instantly. Usually mounted at the rear of the vehicle, the battery powers the engine through an orange cable that may be carrying live voltage even when the engine is off. This is another important reason to make sure you bring your European hybrid to a highly experienced hybrid mechanic.

If the electric system is not working properly, it’s important to seek out BMW, Infiniti, or Lexus repair in Chicago right away. Although hybrids have an ordinary 12-volt battery for powering the ignition system and other electrical components of the vehicle, the high-voltage battery may be the source of the issue.

Mechanical Servicing of Hybrid Vehicles

While no special precautions or training are required when performing repairs or maintenance tasks on the non-hybrid components of the vehicle, any repair that involves the powertrain or hybrid electrical components should be performed by a hybrid certified service technician.

At Spotlight Automotive, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to complete your Land Rover, Porsche, or Lexus repair in Chicago. This includes replacing the complex electronic modules that control the electric drive motor on your luxury hybrid vehicle. These modules control both the propulsion and regenerative braking and are vital to the operation of your vehicle. They can generate enormous amounts of heat, and often have their own dedicated cooling systems.

Regular Hybrid Maintenance

In addition to the occasional repair, it is important to have a qualified mechanic perform regular maintenance on your luxury hybrid vehicle. Most maintenance tasks are the same as they are for ordinary cars that depend on combustion engines, but certain aspects differ. For instance, when performing regular maintenance on the engine cooling system, the cooling system for the modules and the battery needs attention as well.

Don’t Trust Your Vehicle to Just Any Mechanic

You are likely proud of your hybrid vehicle for many reasons – the style, the distinct advantages of driving a vehicle that doesn’t depend on fossil fuel, and the positive impact you are having on the environment. Don’t trust just anyone to perform maintenance and BMW, Infiniti, or Lexus repairs in Chicago – book an appointment at Spotlight Automotive and rest easy knowing your vehicle is in capable hands!