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Exhaust Services

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Luxury autos are engineered for performance, and when it comes time to repair or replace the exhaust system, you don’t want to take your car to just any general garage where they may not have the experience necessary to perform repairs on high-end or foreign vehicles.

Repair or Replace

There are times when you won’t have any choice but to replace your vehicle’s exhaust system. However, our highly skilled ASE certified technicians are fully trained to complete extensive repairs on European luxury model exhaust systems. If you have a classic Mercedes or Mini, having all “original parts” may be important to you, and our expert repair team may be able to help you keep those parts, and maintain that “fully classic” title.

If your exhaust system does require replacing, you can trust our knowledgeable and experienced technicians to use certified replacement parts and install them according to the highest industry standards. Why go back to the dealership where your bill is likely to be higher simply due to the dealership fees? Let us save you money while ensuring your car is handled with the utmost care and the work will meet or exceed your expectations – guaranteed!

Repair Damage Promptly

Exhaust systems can experience damage in any number of areas; some holes are simple to patch and repair, while others can require a great deal of time to access and are more difficult to fix. This can make the cost of wear-and-tear and collision repair in Chicago a bit confusing for some auto owners. We take pride in being honest and transparent about all costs, and always offer clear and simple advice regarding these costs as well as all of your potential options.

The best way to ensure your car’s exhaust system won’t require costly repairs or replacement is to address any cracks or other types of damage right away. Additionally, a damaged exhaust system can cause toxic fumes to seep into the passenger compartment as well as venting those poisonous gasses into the atmosphere.

This is Our Specialty

At Spotlight Automotive, we specialize in foreign car maintenance, mechanical services, and collision repairs in Chicago. When you’re looking for someone to perform an exhaust system repair on your Volkswagen, Lexus, or Audi, you can trust our dedicated team to meet or exceed your expectations – at a reasonable price. Additionally, if we’re unable to repair the damage, and you require the installation of a new part or parts, you can rest assured your car’s performance will be fully restored and the parts we install will be of the highest quality available.

In addition to exhaust services, you can bring your car to Spotlight Automotive for tire services, engine maintenance, or collision repair in Chicago and see what real down-to-earth customer service looks like. Call and book an appointment today!