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Our team at Spotlight Automotive understands the various electrical problems that can arise with luxury vehicles and specialize in foreign auto repair in Chicago. Whether you’re noticing a light on your dashboard that flickers for no apparent reason, or your engine just can’t bear to turn over—we can help! Our mechanics will not rest until the issue with your vehicle is fully resolved.

Common Electrical Problems

  • Battery issues. There are many things that can cause a car’s battery to fail. If your car’s lights have been left on overnight, the battery may simply be dead and need to be charged with a jump-start. Over time, car batteries can simply wear out and no longer hold a charge effectively. We can examine your battery, diagnose the issue, and replace the part if necessary.
  • Failed alternator. If your alternator is damaged or failing to perform, it can prevent the battery from recharging. Noticing dim headlights and other electrical failures can be a sign that your alternator needs to be repaired or replaced. The Spotlight team commonly implements this foreign auto repair in Chicago.
  • Blown fuses. Minor electrical issues, such as failing interior lights or radio trouble, may be the result of a blown fuse. Sometimes this is caused by the failure of another part, which results in overloading the circuitry. Though this is rarely the case, a blown fuse may also prevent your car from starting.
  • Problem spark plugs. With use, spark plugs can become loose or dirty and prevent your car from performing its best. Symptoms may include slow accelerations, difficulty starting the engine, and even diminished fuel efficiency.
  • Starter or Solenoid issues. Improper wiring, overtightened bolts, age, or damage can all contribute to issues with the starter or solenoid in your vehicle. Solenoid issues are sometimes identifiable by a successive clicking or grinding sound. In some cases, all that is needed is an adjustment by a professional mechanic.

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The team at Spotlight Automotive is qualified to repair all types of electrical issues that can occur in luxury vehicles. If you’re noticing any of the symptoms described above, give us a call today to schedule your service. We’ll have your car operating in top shape in no time.