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How You Can Handle It

Whenever vehicle owners see the check engine light, their first reaction is panic. Thoughts such as "what's going to happen to my vehicle" and "is my car ok" quickly flood the mind, and you're left second-guessing whether or not you should drive. We believe that's no way to drive, and having that mindset can make you miserable in your vehicle. So if you see the check engine light in your car, here are two common ways it'll light and how to properly decipher them:

  • Steady Light: If you see a steady check engine light, your first thought should be to check the gas cap. Simply tightening the cap could shut the light off! Not only does this save you plenty of time, but it saves you money as well. And if the light doesn't shut off? Make sure to get to a shop, as there is another issue within your vehicle.
  • Flashing Light: If you see a flashing light, stop driving and get to a shop ASAP. A flashing engine light means a significant issue has occurred in your vehicle. A common cause would be a misfiring engine, but any problem that triggers this will be problematic for your vehicle. The sooner you get to a shop, the likelier you are to save your vehicle.

Schedule a Diagnostic Service

If you see the check engine light is on in your import vehicle, make sure to schedule a diagnostic service with the experts at Spotlight Automotive. Our ASE-certified technicians utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to quickly identify what caused the warning signal to trigger. From there, they'll be able to repair or replace the issue and ensure the engine light is off during your next drive. From worn spark plugs to a misfiring engine, know we can handle any issue that comes your way. Schedule your next vehicle service by giving us a call at (312) 846-1210 or by visiting us on 1474 W. Hubbard Street, as we'd be more than happy to help you out. We also accept walk-ins and after-hours drop-off and pick-up, so you're free to stop by at a time that works best for your schedule!