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Do You Need a Paint Job?

When you look at your European import, you should do so with immense pride and satisfaction. Everything should look clean and pristine, and anything less than that is cause for concern. Some people just deal with it, not knowing that they have the option to change it through a paint job. And along with that, some don't know if their car even needs one! Here's how you can tell if your car needs a quick refresh:

  • Old, Dull Look: if you think your car needs a new paint job, the best way to find out is to compare photos. How did it look when you first got it vs. how it looks now? If it looks dull, old, and no longer has a shine, that could be a good sign that your import needs a paint job.
  • Peeling Paint: this is a common problem cars experience when the clear coat begins to fade and peel. As a result, your car looks like it's wearing a tie-dye shirt, but it isn't as cute as what we wear. Peeling paint can make your car look old and worn, as well as depreciate its value immensely. And when you're driving an import, that's no way a car like that should look. Make sure to come in and get your car's clear coat and paint job replaced!

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When it comes to your import's appearance, the finish must be just right. Having the wrong color or any sort of blemishes on your import not only takes confidence away from you, but it can also reduce its value, making it harder to sell. Make sure your car looks as good as it performs, and schedule a car painting service with Spotlight Automotive in Chicago, IL. Our team can help you find the right color and finish for your vehicle and perform the service with care and accuracy. The result? A car you'll be excited to drive wherever you go, regardless if it's to work or the grocery store.

Learn more about our car painting service and call our shop at (312) 846-1210, as we'd be more than happy to chat with you. You can also visit us on 1474 W. Hubbard Street, as we'd love to meet you and understand what you want out of your import's appearance!