Preparing Your Car For Holiday Travel

It’s the Holiday season and that means traveling to see friends and family members. For some people, that can mean added stress due to finances, long road trips in bad weather, or just having to deal with the extended family. At Spotlight Automotive, we want to help you eliminate as much stress as we can during the holiday season.

Before you take your road trip in a week, we want to give you a few recommendations on how to avoid any unexpected vehicle breakdowns.

1. Weak Spots

This is important. The top reasons that cars tend to breakdown on the highway are either tire problems or overheating. The last thing we want is for your car to break down half way to your final destination.

Many people will check their own fluid levels to see if any coolant or oil needs to be added. However, checking for any leaks or weak spots on your car requires a professional eye. Even though, your fluids are fully topped off, that doesn’t mean you are safe from any overheating problems. The pressure that is put on your engine from long-distance driving can cause weak spots to crack, leak, or burst. These issues can increase when the weather is constantly changing, causing more wear on car parts.

We recommend making an appointment to have your car inspected for leaks or weak spots before heading out of town. A simple cost of an inspection could save you from getting towed to your final destination.

2. Oil Changes

If you know you are close to needing an oil change, we wouldn’t recommend putting it off until after the holidays. Oil changes are scheduled for specific times to prevent sludge and clogs from forming. With the amount of driving that people tend to do over the holidays, that can be a lot of extra dirt & grime that builds up in your engine.

It is always best travel with clean oil, not just for safety reasons, but for better MPG. Cleaner oil leads to better friction and lubrication for engine parts. This means that your engine doesn’t have to use more fuel to work hard when you have dirty oil. If you know you are getting close to your next oil change or may go over on miles before you come back from your road trip, it will only benefit you and your engine to get your oil changed sooner rather than later.

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3. Brake Inspection

Winter weather in the Midwest is too unpredictable. You could experience 2-3 different weather patterns driving from point A to point B. To make sure you are prepared for any situations that come your way, make sure your brakes are ready to handle any road conditions.

You may not hear the scraping or squealing of worn brake pads but that doesn’t mean they are working well. Scheduling an appointment to make sure your ABS system is working properly as well as brake pressure is important. Having a professional mechanic inspect your brakes for any problems can save you from putting you or your family’s safety at risk.

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Written by Spotlight Automotive