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What Are These Services?

Although we're sure many Mercedes owners have heard or briefly read about this service, there's still a lot of owners that pass by our shop and ask what exactly it is and if it's necessary. Unlike other vehicles that can opt for a regular maintenance service, a Mercedes-Benz vehicle needs to go through a different service. These vehicles need maintenance that's specifically designed for the vehicle and its particular build and performance needs, and that's where the A & B service comes in.

The A & B maintenance service is a specially designed maintenance service made specifically for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. This service does check and maintain the parts and systems you'd expect in regular service, but it also requires techs to use components approved by Mercedes-Benz, as well as checking particular systems not typically done in a traditional service. Particular and detail-oriented, the A & B service ensures no stone is unturned within your Mercedes-Benz. As for what service you get, that depends on your mileage. To better understand your Mercedes needs an A or B service, consult your owner's manual or reach out to our team.

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Do you think your Mercedes-Benz is in need of a maintenance service? If so, don't settle for a run-of-the-mill maintenance service. Make sure your Mercedes is getting the dealership quality service it needs and opt for a Mercedes A & B Service with Spotlight Automotive in Chicago, Illinois. Our ASE Certified technicians are also expertly trained in Mercedes-Benz's particular maintenance service, and we can provide you with the same quality experience you'd expect from the manufacturer itself. We make sure your Mercedes-Benz is still a quality performing luxury vehicle.

Learn more about our A & B services by calling our shop at (312) 846-1210, as we'd love to provide more information and even schedule an appointment. If you're close by, feel free to visit us on 1474 W. Hubbard Street, as we'd be happy to sit down and chat with you.