Found Your Problem…You’ve Got Mice!

It’s early in the morning. You wake up to the same routine of hitting the snooze button 2-3 times to prolong dealing with the consequences of running late. You quickly get the kids ready, lunches packed, lights are off; keys, wallet, phone…check! You all pile into the car and fasten your seat belts.

Your car however, decided today was the day to let you down. You turn the key and not even a peep comes out of the engine. Your mind runs through the possible scenarios as to why the car won’t start; Did we leave the lights on? When’s the last time I put gas in the car? Out of all the possibilities it could be, the last thing you would expect is, mice.


It is a situation we have seen before. Underneath the hood is the perfect nesting spot for little critters. A warm engine to snuggle up against with insulation and rubber that can be torn off to make a nice bedding.

Mice damage can be costly and depending on how much they infested the car, it can take weeks to repair. Mice will often chew on the rubber of the wiring harness and often completely through the wires themselves. This will cut off all electricity to the car or leave wires exposed. We learned back in grade school that exposed wires can cause a fire, especially when it is surrounded by fabric or insulation that was used as bedding.

There are times Mice damage won’t be as severe as cutting the power to your engine. Like the car below, sometimes it can be chewing through a lighting system or hoses. The only symptoms you may notice is flickering headlight or a leaky hose. Again, no matter how bad the symptoms may be, it can still lead to worse problems later if not repaired.

Bedding made of insulation.

Bedding made of insulation.

Wires chewed and exposed

Wires chewed and exposed

Insurance companies will sometimes cover the damage depending on the type of insurance and the amount of damage created. So if you notice anything unusual with your car such as, headlight not working, leaks, stalling, or odd noises, bring it to a mechanic so they can locate and diagnose the problem.

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Written by Spotlight Automotive