CVT Transmission Repairs

What is a CVT Transmission?

Continuously Variable Transmissions, or gearless transmissions, works by providing a smooth acceleration without having to switch gears. It is a type of transmission that has grown in popularity in America over the past couple years because of it’s efficiency.


The pulley is a metal chain or belt that rotates in between two cones. These cones move closer together or further apart to increase or decrease the diameter at which the belt operates. A CVT Transmission is continuously changing the ratio at which the belt operates based on factors like gas pedal position, vehicle speed, and engine speed.


As mentioned before, the CVT Transmission is more efficient than a common gear transmissions. Engines have specific speeds at which fuel efficiency is at it’s highest based on torque and horsepower. Because CVT Transmissions have no gears to tie a road speed to the speed of the engine, the transmission can maximize power and fuel efficiency at any given speed. This allows the CVT to provide quicker acceleration than a conventional automatic or manual transmission while delivering superior fuel economy.

CVT Transmissions also help improve the life of your brakes. When slowing down the car while curving around a windy road, you do not have to switch between the brake pedal and gas pedal. With an CVT Transmissions, you simply take your foot off the gas to make the car slow down.


One of the main reasons why drivers do not like CVT Transmissions is the loud revving of the engine. Many drivers say it sounds like slipping gears because there is that jolt and sound that occurs when changing gears.

Also, since CVT Transmissions are not as common among most vehicles in America, repairs and maintenance can be more expensive. The cost is higher for parts due to a small supply of parts. Popularity is increasing so we can expect to see repair prices decreasing over time. Give us a call to find out more about our prices.

Common Repairs

Because the pulley is constantly fluctuating, the belts are subject to wear from constantly changing positions on the pulleys and stretching of the belt can give them an early failure. CVT transmissions rely more on electrical sensors to determine speed ratios. These electrical sensors can easily start malfunctioning with any kind of problem from the computer that helps in controlling the transmission.

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