Common Problems: Audi A4 Repair

Audi vehicles are exceptional luxury machines. According to Audi, the vehicles are known for inspiring innovative solutions, revolutionary engineering and progressive design. “Vorsprung durch Technik” or, “Progress through Technology” is the companies ethos that they say, “sets the company apart on the racetrack and the open road”. It also means, you are going to be paying more in repairs & maintenance. Auto repairs are expensive and they seem to be even more expensive for imported cars, like Audi.

To help prevent you from going into a cardiac arrest, we wanted to provide you with the most common problems Audi A4’s experience.

Timing Belts

Looking at the above graph provided from jchartFX, 34% of Audi problems come from engine failure. Oil sludge used to be a major contributing factor in engine problems. However, Audi fixed the issue by creating larger oil filters.

Now, timing belts are known as common factors in Audi A4 engine problems. Over time the teeth on a timing belt will grind down an cause the belt to slip. Many mechanics suggest that you should have your timing belt checked during each service interval to prevent timing belt slipping.

At Spotlight Automotive, we recommend getting both the water pump and timing belt replaced at the same time. Why? We don’t want you to pay the same labor cost twice if you replace the timing belt now and water pump later. Since the timing belt drives the water pump, it is essentially a good idea to proactively replace both at the same time to avoid over paying and future problems later on.

You can view are sample price list to see how much a timing belt & water pump replacement will cost you.

Electrical Problems

According to the above chart, the 2nd largest problem in Audi’s are electrical. We found this to be more of a human error rather than a mechanical error. With the position of the cup holder above the MMI unit, it is very common for Audi drivers to spill hot beverages and cause the unit to short out or completely stop working. Often times we will need to replace the whole unit. So be careful when handling your drinks in the car. Make sure you have leak proof mugs or use other cup holders.

Carbon Buildup

We have been told that Audi is working on a permanent solution for this problem. In the meantime, the problem will still exist in most Audi’s that have newer direct injection systems where no fuel passes through the valves. This means the crankcase breather will then carry oil vapors back to the intake.

Carbon build-up is a sticky coating of oil and fuel constituents. The coating will only continue to grow causing potential pieces of this carbon to break off and burn holes in the structure of the catalytic converter. This is potentially very destructive and expensive.

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Written by Spotlight Automotive