Common Mercedes Repair Issues

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Mercedes drivers know that an import specialist makes all the difference when it comes to maintaining luxury and performance. You wouldn’t talk to just anyone about your health problems, you find a skilled doctor to give a diagnosis and medication. Think about your Mercedes in the same way. Someone who knows its components better than any general auto repair shops is more familiar with common problems, meaning they can provide accurate and quality solution. Import shops like Spotlight Automotive have years of experience working with Mercedes vehicles and a lot of knowledge to share with their owners. Our techs have compiled a list of the most common Mercedes repairs to prepare our customers.

Spotlight Automotive’s Mercedes Repairs

  1. Rust

  2. Particularly older Mercedes vehicles have problems with rust. Not only does it diminish the appearance of a luxury classic, but it can cause serious damage to parts. Regular inspections with a European import specialist helps Mercedes owners catch rust fast.

  3. Damaged Engine Components

  4. Especially in hot regions, Mercedes vehicles run a high risk of developing cracks and damage on major engine components. Wire insulation is particularly susceptible to heat damage.

  5. Loose Struts

  6. Have you noticed a rattling or banging sound in your Mercedes? If so, you might want to ask your technician to inspect the struts. Loose or leaking struts are a common repair on older Mercedes vehicles.

  7. Squeaky Brakes

  8. Mercedes vehicles aren’t exempt from normal wear and tear. That includes parts of the braking system. Squeaky brakes are a good sign that you need new brake pads or rotors.

  9. Steering & Suspension

  10. During routine inspections, we commonly find worn steering and suspension components on Mercedes vehicles. Be sure to keep up with regular maintenance services to catch worn out parts before they cause problems with handling.

  11. Failed Catalytic Converters

  12. Mercedes vehicles aren’t the only kind of cars susceptible to catalytic converter failure. Over the course of a vehicle’s lifetime, it’s not unusual to find a clogged converter or failed oxygen sensors. A check engine light will warn you before the catalytic converter causes serious performance issues, such as misfiring.

Written by Spotlight Automotive