Common Mercedes Problems: Crank Position Sensor

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Mercedes are known for being a superior car in comfort, style, and performance. However, like all cars, there are common problems that may occur the more miles you put on your Mercedes. A common Mercedes problem we see in our shop comes from a bad Crank Position Sensor. We will tell you all about this part and some common signs that may mean you need to have it replaced.

What is a Crank Position Senor?

It is simply a plug on your vehicle’s motor that monitors the speed of how fast your crankshaft is rotating.

Uh, what?

Let’s break down this information a little more to better understand the crank sensor.

The pistons in an engine move up and down at rapid speeds to provide fuel and air for the engine. The crankshaft is what transfers the up and down motion of the pistons into a rotating motion. This rotating motion is what makes your wheels spin. The faster your car goes, the faster the pistons move and crankshaft rotates.

The crank position sensor is what monitors the speed of how fast the crankshaft is rotating. Based on speed, the crank sensor sends information to the ignition system to provide the right amount of fuel needed to keep the crankshaft working.

Crank Position Sensor

How do I know if I have a bad Crank Sensor?

Check Engine Light
As with most engine problems, your check engine light will show up. The engine light could mean many different things regarding engine problems. If you notice any irregularities in how your engine may be performing, it would be good to have your engine checked for this problem. Sometimes this simple fix may be all that you need.

Cylinder Misfiring
Notice any unusual shudders, shakes, or slow acceleration coming from your engine? It could be caused by the crank sensor providing inaccurate information to the ignition system. Many times a mechanic will check the spark plugs and fuel injectors during your scheduled maintenance service but overlook the crank sensor. Make sure they also check for a bad crank sensor if the problem still persists.

Stalling or Trouble Starting
Similar to cylinder misfiring, the crank sensor could be sending the wrong information to the ignition system. This could mean that your car isn’t receiving the right amount of fuel needed to run; No fuel = no run. Again, this could also be a spark plug issue so have your mechanic check for both in order to fully fix the problem.

Regardless of crank position sensor problems, if there are any irregularities/problems with your car, don’t hesitate to get it fixed. The longer you wait the more money it may cost you.

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