Common Engine Repairs

Is Your Car Engine Suffering from One of These Common Problems?

Keep Trouble at Bay with Routine Maintenance

Listening to your European import is essential in preserving performance and saving money. An illuminated check engine light, misfire, smoke, and hard starting are all signs of engine trouble; if not addressed, you could find yourself on the side of the road. Engine repair can range from minor to major, but it’s best to seek the help of engine repair experts like the team at Spotlight Automotive in Chicago, Illinois. Here are nine common engine problems with European imports. If you experience any of these, make us your first call.

Poor lubrication

Continuous lubrication is needed for engine components to operate correctly. Lack of lubrication causes friction leading to overheating and a potentially seized engine. To avoid costly engine repair, schedule regular oil changes with Spotlight Automotive.

Delayed oil change

As oil ages, deposits and debris build up inside the engine resulting in decreased engine performance. Routine oil changes are the cheapest insurance against engine damage.

Oil starvation

A leak or faulty oil pump can lead to oil starvation. If you notice a leak under your car or your check engine light comes on, visit an engine repair shop as soon as possible to avoid a breakdown.

Inadequate fuel and air compression

Broken valve seals, holes within cylinders, and overused piston rings create poor compression of fuel and air inside an engine. Ignoring a rich or lean running engine could spell disaster.

Engine coolant leak

Lack of coolant can lead to an engine overheating and significant engine repair. Routine coolant changes should be part of your engine service plan. If you notice a coolant leak or the level of coolant recedes, visit our engine mechanics stat.

Blocked radiator

Old coolant can fill the radiator with unwanted sediment and deposits, causing overheating. Routine maintenance will prevent this.

Prolonged engine detonation

Engine noise is not normal. If you hear a knocking while driving, it could mean there is too much heat in the combustion chamber. Also known as spark knock, it can cause long-term damage to pistons, piston rings, and head gaskets. European car owners in Chicagoland can drive to our location for a complete diagnosis.

Faulty oxygen sensor

A bad oxygen sensor triggers the check engine light and must be fixed. A defective oxygen sensor can’t detect how much oxygen remains in the exhaust and how much fuel is in the tank causing driving inefficiencies and wasting money down the road.

Old spark plugs

An aging spark plug creates a weak ignition and can cause the engine to misfire. This results in inefficient fuel economy and long-term engine damage.

If you suspect a problem, call the engine repair experts at Spotlight Automotive ASAP! We are the top auto engine repair shop in Chicago, Illinois, for European import owners. From a routine oil change to a complete engine rebuild, we’ll restore the peak performance of your vehicle.

Written by Spotlight Automotive