Car A/C Repair: 3 Reasons to Fix It Now

If you park your car on the street for more than an hour on a hot summer day in Chicago, you’ll quickly find how important A/C is. That refreshing cold air flushing out the evil forces of city heat being trapped inside your car can feel like a gift from the Gods. Now that summer is at an end, you may not think about getting your A/C fixed until next summer. However, you may want to reconsider putting off that repair.

Here are 3 common problems you need your A/C fixed now.

Hot Air

Turning on the A/C in your car and having hot air come out doesn’t mean you have a Politician in your vents. Many times hot air when the A/C is on could mean you are out of Freon. In which case is a simple fix to have your car recharged to get that cold air working again.


Other times, it could be something worse that may cause the compressor to stop working. The compressor’s purpose is to put the Freon gas under pressure. This raises the temperature of the gas so that it is much higher than the temperature of the outside air. The system compresses the gas to around 250 psi and increases its temperature to over 160 degrees. The high-temperature gas passes through the condenser, giving off much of its heat to the cooler outside atmosphere. Most of the gas turns back into a liquid as it cools. After it passes the condenser, the vehicle’s fan forces interior air past the cold evaporator, which absorbs the heat from the interior.

If the compressor where to stop working, the evaporator wouldn’t get cold, which means the vehicle would only circulate the interior air past a warm evaporator. A common cause of the compressor not working is a symptom called, black death.

The compressor basically self-destructs and sends the black Teflon particles throughout the A/C system. It looks like black spotted sludge that sticks to everything in your A/C unit which enables everything from working properly, hence the name black death.

Moldy Smell


Does your car smell like a gym locker when you turn on the A/C? You could be growing mold. Rapid temperature changes, gases turning into liquids and vise versa, your A/C unit can be a perfect place for mold to live. This can cause a pretty bad smell if the mold stays in the unit for a long time. Mold can also clog your unit and limit the amount of cold air being blown into the car. If the mold reaches your vents, it doesn’t matter if you run hot or cold air, you will still have one stinky car.

Lack of air flow.


If you notice that your car vents went from hurricane force winds to a gentle breeze over a period of time, you may have a clogged unit. Over time the air vents will build up debris and dirt from the road and can restrict air flow into your car. Mold can also be a contributing factor to a lack of air flow. At this point, air filters will need to be replaced and have a your system cleaned out by a mechanic.

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Written by Spotlight Automotive