BMW High Pressure Fuel Pump Problems

BMW High Pressure Fuel Pump

Most vehicles have two fuel pumps; a low pressure fuel pump and a high pressure fuel pump. The low pressure fuel pump is what siphons gas from the gas tank and sends it to the high pressure fuel pump. From there, the high pressure fuel pump pressurizes the fuel enough to spray the fuel into the combustion chamber.

The high pressure fuel pump has been known to be a problem in many BMW models. The auto company never really came out and said what may be causing the problem, but if you’re one of the unlucky one’s with a bad high pressure fuel pump, you may be experiencing the following symptoms.

Poor Acceleration

When you accelerate from a standing position, does your BMW sputter? This may be due to the amount of fuel being sprayed into the combustion chamber causing your engine to stall. Too much fuel can flood the combustion chamber and too little may not allow enough fuel needed for combustion.

Many people confuse this problem with a spark plug misfiring but once the right amount of pressure and mixture is restored, the engine is able to run smoothly.

High Speed Sputter

Much like the sputtering when accelerating, it may also occur when driving on the expressway at a consistent speed. The faster you drive the more fuel your car needs to run. Many times when a high pressure fuel pump becomes fatigued it will have trouble creating a constant spray of fuel into the engine. This inconsistent level of fuel causes the engine to run inconsistently as well. This inconsistency is what causes the sputtering to occur at high speeds.

Engine Won’t Turn

Many times if drivers ignore the above symptoms, it can lead to the engine not being able to turn over. When you turn your key fab to start the car, you can hear the car begin to rev but it won’t actually start. The spark plugs will fire to try and start the engine, but if there is no fuel for the spark plugs, then the engine won’t start.

Before you reach the point of your engine not starting, bring your car into our bays. We can hook our scanners up to your vehicle for a clear list of what BMW service needs to be done. It’s easy for us to do and it won’t cost you anything for the quick diagnosis.

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