Common Engine Repairs

Is Your Car Engine Suffering from One of These Common Problems? Keep Trouble at Bay with Routine Maintenance Listening to your European import is essential in preserving performance and saving money. An illuminated check engine light, misfire, smoke, and hard starting are all signs of engine trouble; if not addressed, you could find yourself on […]

Coolants for Your Import

Show Your Import Engine Love with The Right Coolant Prevent Expensive Import Auto Repairs with Maintenance Coolant, or antifreeze as it’s sometimes called, is vital to the health of your engine and is often overlooked. That’s why the import auto repair specialists at Spotlight Automotive stress the importance of preventative maintenance to drivers in Chicago, […]

Collision Repair

9 Things You Need to Know About Collision Repair Do Your Homework There are many details to manage after a car accident or weather-related incident like hail damage. Where do you turn for help? At Spotlight Automotive, we help drivers in Chicago, Illinois, navigate the entire process, including appraisal, insurance claims, and quality collision repair […]

Mercedes-Benz Recommended Service A

What is A Service? Spotlight Automotive in Chicago, Illinois tells all of our customers about how important maintenance is. Sticking to your Mercedes-Benz recommended service schedule will help keep your car on the road longer. What you might not know is exactly what Mercedes maintenance entails. There are a few different types of services in […]

3 Reasons Lexus Maintenance is Important

Maintenance Matters As you likely know, Lexus recommends a specific maintenance schedule for your car or SUV. You may wonder why following this schedule matters, especially if your vehicle never has any issues. Below are three reasons why sticking to the schedule is necessary. You’ll Avoid Costly Lexus Repair Bills If you think you don’t […]

10 Facts About Infiniti

Fun Facts For Infiniti Owners Spotlight Automotive in Chicago, Illinois is casting the spotlight on Infiniti with these ten fun facts! Fact 1 Infiniti is a division of the Japanese company Nissan known for luxury vehicle manufacturing. It was initially created for the American market to compete with European and American made luxury cars but […]

Common Mercedes Repair Issues

Find A Mercedes Medic Mercedes drivers know that an import specialist makes all the difference when it comes to maintaining luxury and performance. You wouldn’t talk to just anyone about your health problems, you find a skilled doctor to give a diagnosis and medication. Think about your Mercedes in the same way. Someone who knows […]

What Audi Owners Need to Know About Auto Repairs

The Perks of Preventative Maintenance Are you the proud owner of an Audi vehicle? If so, you might be looking for a way to protect it for miles to come. The first thing you should know — you don’t have to go back to the dealership! An import specialist like Spotlight Automotive can provide high-quality […]

Keeping Thieves Away from Your Car

For those of us who live in highly populated urban areas, we know all too well the possibility of being robbed. In places like Chicago, you can never be too careful in trying to prevent yourself from being the next victim of a robbery. You never know when it could happen to you, so it’s […]

Preparing your Car for a Chicago Spring

Help your car out this spring with these tips! All of us who live in Chicago know how cold it gets in the winter and it’s such a sigh of relief when spring comes and we start seeing signs of the warmer days ahead of us. Chicago is known to have cold, snowy winters and […]

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