3 Reasons Lexus Maintenance is Important

Maintenance Matters

As you likely know, Lexus recommends a specific maintenance schedule for your car or SUV. You may wonder why following this schedule matters, especially if your vehicle never has any issues. Below are three reasons why sticking to the schedule is necessary.

You’ll Avoid Costly Lexus Repair Bills

If you think you don’t need to visit the auto shop because your car is healthy, think again! Preventative maintenance is exactly what is stopping your Lexus from having problems. All vehicles have consumable parts and suffer wear and tear. Keeping to the maintenance schedule will ensure that worn parts are repaired or replaced before they cause problems. It may seem like a lot of work, but it is nothing compared to dealing with major issues. Maintenance will cost you a lot less in the long run and it saves you all the trouble of major repairs.

Your Warranty Depends on It

If you have an active warranty, such as on a new or certified pre-owned Lexus, you likely are required to keep up with the maintenance schedule. If you make a warranty claim after disregarding the Lexus maintenance schedule, your claim may be denied. Since the warranty helps cover a lot of upkeep and repair expenses, it is financially advantageous to stick to the schedule. You’ll keep your car running exactly how it was designed to!

You’ll Get More Value From Your Vehicle

What are your plans for your car in the future? If you want to hold on to and keep driving it, your car or SUV will last longer if you keep up with the maintenance schedule. That means you won’t have to buy a replacement as soon. Similarly, if you intend to sell it, you’ll likely be able to ask a higher price for a well-sorted vehicle. Poorly maintained vehicles can be difficult to sell or trade in. In other words, your Lexus will be worth more if you keep up with maintenance.

Get Luxury Car Maintenance in Chicago

Sticking to your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule is a smart financial move. If you need Lexus repairs or maintenance in Chicago, Illinois, come to Spotlight Automotive. We have the trained technicians and equipment to provide the genuine Lexus services you need. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Written by Spotlight Automotive