10 Facts About Infiniti

Fun Facts For Infiniti Owners

Spotlight Automotive in Chicago, Illinois is casting the spotlight on Infiniti with these ten fun facts!

  • Fact 1
  • Infiniti is a division of the Japanese company Nissan known for luxury vehicle manufacturing. It was initially created for the American market to compete with European and American made luxury cars but grew in worldwide popularity. Today there are offices in over 35 countries.

  • Fact 2
  • Infiniti is rebranded under the parent name in Asian countries. The Infiniti G is known there as the Nissan Skyline.

  • Fact 3
  • Infiniti became a brand of its own after the creation of two models, first known as the Q45 and M30. These were the luxury cars designed for a North American market and were sold in 50 dealerships across the country at the time of their release.

  • Fact 4
  • Infiniti vehicles hit the streets in North America in the fall of 1989.

  • Fact 5
  • The 1997 QX4 was a first of its kind. Not only was it one of the first luxury midsize SUVs available on the market, but it was the first Infiniti vehicle fully manufactured in the United States.

  • Fact 6
  • Infiniti has sold over a million vehicles, the majority of them in the United States.

  • Fact 7
  • The Infiniti logo is meant to represent two lines leading into an infinite point on the horizon. It symbolizes the brand’s forward-thinking mission and their drive to push luxury vehicles forward.

  • Fact 8
  • The first Infiniti hybrid, the M35h, was released in Japan in the summer of 2010. It set records as the fastest accelerating hybrid in the world.

  • Fact 9
  • The Infiniti Q50 is the first from the brand to have no direct connection to the wheelbase. There is no mechanical linkage between the steering wheel and steering rack.

  • Fact 10
  • Always striving to set the pace in luxury vehicles, Infiniti creates expensive interiors. The hand-polished silver of the Q70 looks like a musical instrument.

Written by Spotlight Automotive